Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Destination Races and Adventures Offer Unique Experience

Contributed by: Brenda Phillips of Race for a Reason

As co-owner of a travel company specializing in physical fitness adventures of a lifetime at faraway destinations, I know firsthand about partnering dream vacations with fitness goals and aspirations!  More and more, new travel destinations are being introduced that are geared towards healthy active lifestyles and offering events and destinations that appeal to singles, couples and families alike.
Now I’ve completed full and half marathons myself, both locally and at national and international events, and as much as any finish line is amazing (and I don’t ever sell short the power of that!), doing so somewhere exotic and away from home and outside of what is familiar to you, is even more exciting and empowering!  Try to imagine finishing 100 yards from the turquoise Caribbean waters where you can jump right in and soothe your tired muscles!  Picture your final mile coming off the side of a goat path extending from the Great Wall of China, looking behind you and in awe of where you just ran!  Or dream, if you dare, of high fiving with a team of fellow Canadians as you descend a mountain together in Patagonia, or cycling your last 10k of 300 in Spain and arriving to meet up with your teammates.  It’s all there, these out-of-the-box adventures…waiting for you to stretch your imagination and just experience.

Not only will you live and breathe all that the destination has to offer…doing an event this way, with a team of like-minded individuals and soon to be lifetime friends, is an additional reward that you mightn’t achieve at an event at home.  You and your new found friends will train together, likely travel en route together, and spend the time on site getting to know each other’s stories, why they came, what motivated them and likewise, you will share your passion (and your fears).  Stories will be told of past experiences and you will grow and learn from those words as you work towards a fitter you.  You will spend your days with people just like you, people committed to becoming or keeping fit, people who understand the importance of physical activity in every day and people with a love of travel as well! 
Don’t sell yourself short, take the leap.  Do it for your reason, whatever it may be, but do it because you can!  Do it yourself or with your family.  Spread your wings and fly, listen, learn.  Combining your love of fitness with a dream vacation is a perfect pairing.  My experiences have led me to this reality and I spent a lifetime to get here.  I am sharing that knowledge with you so you don’t have to wait, you can just take my word and run with it, pardon the pun!  Give it a try, begin creating memories.  You will discover how rewarding it can be. 

What are you waiting for?

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