Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Getting Over the Post-Event Blues

Contributed by: Sue Strong, Erica's WishFounder and Race Director

You have trained for months. You have dreamt about the start line, the finish line, the course and the medal. You have visualized crossing that finish line and receiving your well deserved medal. You can see yourself at the start line, nervous but telling yourself that ‘you can do this’.  You know you can, you trained for it. This is all you have thought of for months. What happens when it is done? When you wake up the next day and your scheduled workout doesn’t need to happen because recovery IS essential. All you can think is “what do I do now?”.

This is a very good question. Most athletes go through the post event blues if they do not have a plan in place. You have been so preoccupied by your event that you forgot to figure out what you are doing post event.  The best way to deal with this is to be prepared. You know you are going to go through it, its almost impossible not to but if you have a plan in place, you won’t feel as bad.

Here are some tips to alleviate the blues:

1.  First off you MUST plan for some recovery. A great time to fit in a massage or yoga.
2.  Set up a new goal plan for the coming year. Make sure you plan it out that you have your smaller events and a lead up to your main goal.
3.  Have a friend get involved and sign up too. Training is always easier with a friend. (so is being accountable)
4.  You should have some time before your events begin so set up a proper training plan. Include cross training, strength training, stretching/yoga and endurance workouts. Plan your schedule around your goal events. Make sure you have taper weeks to allow for recovery.
5.  Try something new! Now is a great time to try a new workout or sport that you have wanted to get involved in. You don’t have to worry that it may affect your goal as you have accomplished it. Have fun!
6.  BE PROUD. You have accomplished something you worked hard for. Don’t just dismiss it as being done. You have accomplished something that many have not.
7.  Most of all, take time to thank those that have been there for you. There’s a pretty good chance that you have not been as attentive as you were pre-training. Thank your family and friends that have put up with your crazy schedule. Their support was a big part of your training.

Plan. Train. Achieve. Enjoy.

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